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date: 'Tuesday, July 9 2024' title: 'Top 10 AI Image Generators to Try in 2024' description: "Let's dive into the top 10 AI image generators you should try in 2024. Explore their features and choose the one that best fits your needs."

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Top 10 AI Image Generators to Try in 2024

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Looking for a quick and easy way to generate images? AI-powered image generators might be just what you need. They can save you from the hassle of working with Photoshop or Illustrator, allowing you to create impressive images effortlessly. Not only will you save time, but you'll often achieve better results. Let's dive into the top 10 AI image generators you should try in 2024.


DALL-E 3 by OpenAI is currently the most advanced image generator available. It produces incredibly realistic and diverse images from text prompts, understanding relationships between concepts to create images with depth and context. The textures and lighting it generates are often indistinguishable from real photos. Although it's still in private beta, making access limited, it sets the standard for AI image quality.

Pros of DALL-E 3

  • Extremely high image quality and realism
  • Imaginative abilities and deep understanding of text
  • Versatile across various concepts, styles, and subjects

Cons of DALL-E 3

  • Very limited access currently
  • Occasionally struggles with unusual prompts


Midjourney gained huge popularity in 2022 through its Discord bot, which can help you create beautiful, creative images for free. While it doesn't quite match DALL-E 2's quality, its colorful, abstract style is highly impressive and great for social posts, wallpapers, and more. Simple text prompts produce intricate landscapes, characters, textures, and shapes. It's more artistic than photorealistic but demonstrates incredible imagination.

Pros of Midjourney

  • Free and easy access through Discord
  • Perfect for social media and wall art
  • More creative style versus photorealism

Cons of Midjourney

  • Image quality and continuity lag behind top contenders
  • Prompts need to be tuned to the style for best results

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source AI system that creates images from text. While its images may not be as sharp or coherent as those from DALL-E 2, it generates detailed full images across many styles and subjects. Being an open platform, its base model and code are available for anyone to build on, encouraging rapid experimentation and development from a vibrant community of AI engineers and creators.

Pros of Stable Diffusion

  • Open-source access allows customization
  • Rapid updates from the developer community
  • Can be run locally rather than cloud-hosted

Cons of Stable Diffusion

  • Lower coherence and sharpness than top AIs
  • Requires more technical skill to operate locally


Developed by Google Research, Imagen focuses on high-resolution novel images designed to avoid harmful stereotypes or representations. The quality is exceptional, often mistaken for real photos like DALL-E 2. Initially restricted to subjects like sailing, aviation, and birds, it will expand to more general topics as content filters improve.

Pros of Imagen

  • Photorealistic quality nearly matches DALL-E 2
  • Specialized model for reduced biases

Cons of Imagen

  • Very narrow subject range currently
  • Limited public access

Nightcafe Creator

Nightcafe is a popular option that uses AI to apply artistic styles to images, videos, and text prompts. The quality of text-to-image varies but can produce some very cool, vivid, and abstract artworks. A simple free plan allows you to try most features, including the AI image generator powered by CLIP, before paying for extras. It offers lots of styles, capabilities, and an active community.

Pros of Nightcafe Creator

  • Allows image generation plus creative edits
  • Simple free plan available
  • Vibrant artistic filters and effects

Cons of Nightcafe Creator

  • Image generation relies on CLIP, so results can be mixed
  • Subscription needed for full functionality


StarryAI creates imaginative, conceptual art from text across various genres like landscapes, anime, sci-fi, nature, and more. Its style is similar to Midjourney but with compositions that feel more handcrafted by the AI. You get up to 5 free generations per day without logging in, making it easy to try. Paid plans offer higher resolutions and unlimited generation.

Pros of StarryAI

  • Creates conceptual, imaginative images
  • 5 free generations per day without login
  • Great for sci-fi, nature, and anime genres

Cons of StarryAI

  • Outputs can be low resolution
  • Sometimes makes images overly complex

Wombo Dream

Wombo Dream specializes in animation, creating short video clips with synced music also generated by AI. The quirky visuals are lush, colorful, and psychedelic. You can craft prompts for specific styles, concepts, and characters, then watch your ideas come to life with customized music and effects. It's more for entertainment than usable media assets, but it's highly engaging.

Pros of Wombo Dream

  • Specialized in AI-generated animation
  • Psychedelic, surreal visual style
  • Custom music also created by AI

Cons of Wombo Dream

  • Clips are very short
  • Limited control over outputs


Lexica aims to offer high-fidelity AI image generation rivaling DALL-E 2 in creativity. The quality is superb, often indistinguishable from photos, especially for common subjects like portraits and pets. It handles prompts with interesting style and positional concepts well. Still in private beta, it promises affordable pricing for high-resolution outputs as it opens up more widely.

Pros of Lexica

  • Photorealistic image quality
  • Creative interpretation of styles and poses
  • Will be affordable compared to top AIs

Cons of Lexica

  • Still in closed private beta
  • More limited style diversity compared to Midjourney

Sketch To Life

Sketch To Life by Canva focuses on converting simple doodle sketches into realistic images, photo composites, and more. Its computer vision and deep learning algorithms expand your rough pencil sketches into completed scenes with shadows, textures, and depth in a range of art styles. It's easy to use and fun for all ages.

Pros of Sketch To Life

  • Easy sketch-to-image conversions
  • Fun way to learn the basics of drawing
  • Appeals to all age groups

Cons of Sketch To Life

  • Relies on user inputs more than pure AI image generation
  • Limited style and subject options

Artflow offers advanced features for AI-assisted digital art and graphic design. It can generate detailed images from text prompts in various styles at up to 4K resolution. Additionally, it includes tools like inpainting to expand and alter images, reference image color/style transfer, upscaling, and line drawing. It's a versatile platform for creatives rather than just AI image generation.

Pros of

  • Tools for editing and expanding AI-generated images
  • Advanced capabilities for digital artists
  • Up to 4K image resolution

Cons of

  • More complex system to learn
  • Limited appeal outside creative fields

Final Words

Now you're familiar with the top AI-powered image generators available. Explore their features and choose the one that best fits your needs. Happy creating!

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